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You can watch the latest Health Lottery Draw here at any time after the draw takes place. We will be broadcasting the Health Lottery Winning Numbers from the Saturday Health Lottery draws. For those of you asking "What time does the Health Lottery Draw take place?" we can confirm that the Winning Numbers are usually live at around 9.55pm (GMT) and are broadcast exclusively on Channel 5.

Starting on Wednesday 17th Ocotober 2012 there will be a new mid-week Health Lottery draw called Win Wednesdays. These new Wednesday Health Lottery draws offer the same basic prize structure as the Saturday draw but without the inclusion of Hot Ticket prizes.

You can find out more information on the Health Lottery at

Health Lottery Results for Wednesday 1st July 2015

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Next Health Lottery Draw: Sat 4th July 2015
Estimated Jackpot: £100,000

For a full prize breakdown of this draw click here

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