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Find out the latest Texas Lotto results by watching below. You can see the winning numbers for the latest draw as soon as they are available. Catch up on what has happened if the draw has already been and gone.

All Texas Lottery draws are webcast live. TV stations across the state can receive them by satellite free of charge and broadcast them to viewers. However, the Texas Lottery does not have contracts with stations, so it is up to local media whether to show the draws or not.

There are multiple draws every day across Texas� range of lotteries. The big-money Texas Lotto takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. See the latest winning numbers below.

Texas Lotto Live Draw for Saturday 25th May 2024

Previous Texas Lotto Draw Results

Texas Lottery drawings take place at the Lottery Commission Drawings Studio at 601 E. Sixth St. in Austin. The studio itself is highly secure but also open to the public, so it is possible to watch live.

Every part of the drawing process is videoed, with the help of robotic cameras so there are as few people as possible on the studio floor near the draw machines and ball sets. Independent adjudicators are present and pre-tests are always carried out to ensure the equipment is running smoothly and fairly.

You can see the results of previous Texas Lotto draws here. Select a date to see the winning numbers.