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Watch the latest Mega Millions results to find out what has happened in the most recent draw. You can see all the winning numbers, including the five main white balls, the gold Mega Ball and the Megaplier number.

What time does the Mega Millions draw take place?

The Mega Millions draw is held at 11:00pm Eastern Time at the Georgia Lottery’s WSB-TV studio in Atlanta. You can watch the draw live on various TV stations across the U.S., or find it on YouTube. If you are watching the draw live, it has the potential to turn you into a jackpot winner in a matter of seconds as you keenly observe which numbers appear from the machine.

Whether you watch on television as it happens or usually wait until after the draw to see the results, you can check the winning numbers below.

Mega Millions Live Draw for Friday 19th July 2024

Previous Mega Millions Draw Results

Find out all the latest Mega Millions results below. Look through the list of draws and select a date to view more information. You'll see the winning numbers and prize payouts, including whether the jackpot was won or not.

It takes around three hours for the full security procedure leading up to each draw. This includes the testing of the draw machines and ball sets to be used. After the winning numbers go live at around 11:00pm, it takes another few hours for the prizes to be processed across all the participating states and the payouts to be confirmed.